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Wrapping a vehicle allows you to use full colour photographs, high impact imagery or coloured vinyls to produce either a design to advertise your business or make your personal car look amazing.

So What Are The Benefits of Wrapping?

Update the look of your car.

One big benefit of a car wrap is the choice of colors and designs available to you. It's not always easy to find a car in your preferred colour, especially when power, style and brand are more important. Car wrapping solves this problem for you. 


Every Colour and style wrap is of the highest quality and applied with care and attention by our team of professionals.

Protection paint work.

Because the vinyl panels protect the paint underneath, this means that you can restore your car to its previous finish simply by removing the wrap. Your car will be protected from scratches and abrasions that are normally caused by general wear and tear. Not only are you protecting the bodywork but also the cars value. This is one benefit of a car wrap that makes car wrapping such an exciting prospect.


Advertise on the move.

If you are a business owner the benefit of car wrapping is even more obvious. Not only will a car wrap protect against depreciation of the vehicle but you can also advertise your business on the move. This is a great alternative to individual graphics on company vehicles.


If you want to know more about the benefits of vinyl car wraps then please get in touch or request your free no obligation quote for a car wrap price today. 

New look for Combined Fleet Maintenance.
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