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Car window tinting does not just make your car look great, it also has a lot of hidden advantages and benefits, such as:

Improve the appearance

Tinting your car windows is a low cost way of dramatically improving the appearance of your car. With a range of different shades available, you can choose to match your preferred style. 


Increased Security

A dark tint applied to your window will stop snooping eyes from seeing what's inside your car and reduce risk of break in. The film will also help hold the glass together in the event of someone breaking your window, increasing the time for them to gain entry.


Keeping cool

With the right window tint, you can reduce the heat inside your car by up to 60%.


Upholstery Protection

Car tints keep your car interior from getting hot enough to warp, fade or crack, and blocks up to 90% of harmful UV rays.

DID YOU KNOW: The UK law states that you need to let in 70% light through the front door windows which means that applying any tinted film, no matter how light, to the glass will bring it under the legal limit.

Here at J and K we understand the need for the UV protection throughout the vehicle and can install a clear film that can offer you the same UV protection for you and your love ones.


Windscreens are typically manufactured in a way that includes UV protection. But automotive side windows are generally not laminated and so offer less UV protection. And here's the problem: While UVB rays usually do not penetrate the glass of the side windows, most people are unaware that the sun's harmful UVA rays actually do penetrate the glass, and do course cumulative damage.

The UV clear film has all the benefits of a dark window tint with UV clear window film. 

Don't like the darker window appearance of normal window film? LLumar clear film offers UV protection, with the look of a clear window. You can also use it in areas where the use of dark film is prohibited by law (Forward of the vehicle's B-post).

Affects of UV Rays

Check out William McElligott's story:

The left-hand side of the truck driver's face was

exposed to the sun, the other shaded in the cab.

One face, but two sides of a story.

Truck driver William McElligott's face

is a graphic illustration of the damaging

effects of the sun.

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